Joanna Markovska

Tel.:+48 71 320 5579, +48 71 320 18 99


address: Institute of Environmental Engineering, The Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Geodesy, Wroclaw University of Environmental and Life Sciences (WUELS), pl. Grunwaldzki 24 50-363 Wrocław Poland


PhD. Assitant Professor in Institute of Environmental Engineering.
Director of Distance Learning Center of WUELS

International experience

The Flood modelling course. Danish Institute of Applied Hydraulics (DHI). Participant. 2000.

The Advanced Study Course on “Ecohydrology across the Scales – From Molecular to Landscape Processes” was organized by The International Centre of Ecology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, directed by Prof. M. Zalewski, Department of Applied Ecology – University of Lodz (Poland), was composed of lecture sessions, field excursions and laboratory demonstrations in various sites distributed between Tresta and Ustrzyki Dolne in Poland. The participation in the Course of students and young scientists from Central and Eastern European countries, was encouraged. Sponsor UNESCO. Participant. 2001.

The Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation. Peer reviewer from 2011

The international workshops (online) for student groups. The application of information technology in communication. Organizer. 2013/2014.

The international workshop (face to face) for students as a part of the training of social skills such as decision making, team building, consensus building, problem solving, in IT projects. Organizer. 2014


Drawing and painting, trekking, yoga, indoor and outdoors climbing


Water management in agricultural areas

Small retention – a  program implemented in Poland

Small  agricultural reservoirs. The problem of water quality