Educational and Scientific Center for International Activity (ESCIA)

is a team of motivated people, which creates a international scientific environment with a help of the organizing different meetings, implementation successful projects that are aimed at supporting knowledge-intensive ideas, innovation and knowledge sharing.

The projects of ESCIA are aimed at active people that are interested in obtaining, sharing and creating new knowledge and technologies at NULES, Ukraine and the all over the world.

National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine   

is one of the oldest and largest agricultural universities in Ukraine.
It was founded in 1898. NULES of Ukraine is famous for its academic excellence and leading innovative research in agricultural and environmental spheres. It ranks first among national agricultural universities, and is world recognized in the number of graduate academic and research programs in their field.

National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine is truly international. In addition to the innumerable individual contacts between scientists and students the world over, the university maintains ramified networks with many fellow institutions. Our curricula are attractive for foreign students.

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Zalishchyky State Agricultural College named after E. Khraplyvy

is placed in a small city that is located on the Dniester River in the southern part of the Ternopil Oblast (province), in western Ukraine.
The history of Zalishchyky College is closely related to the horticultural school that was opened in Zalishchyky in 1900. In 1945 at its base Zalishchyky agricultural school, is created where an agronomist training was carried out. And in 1988, when the new building was built, the college has been joined Kopychyntsi agricultural school of accounting.
 In 1997 College on the human entity became a member of the National Agrarian University, and in 2001 he it was named by Professor Ye. Khraplyvyy (the organizer of the cooperative movement in Galicia). In November 7, 2004 the institution solemnly celebrated its 100th anniversary.

phone: (03554) 2-12-32, 2-12-50
48600 Ternopil region, Zalishchyky, Krushelnycka str., 52.