What is AAELSSD?

The 1st International Summer School «Achievements and Applications of Environmental and Life Sciences for Sustainable Development» is an annual project organized and held by Educational and Scientific Center for International Activity of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine in Kiev, Ukraine. The prior aim of the project is to promote science and research among youth.
The courses will be held by highly qualified lecturers and scientists mainly from Europe. Such variety of the lecturers will provide the multinational environment for discussions on the hot topics of contemporary science and technology. The lecturers apply advanced teaching methods and techniques including interactive lectures, workshops, round tables, case studies and presentations. Apart from educational program, the participants will be engaged in exciting leisure activities such as excursions and debates, games and parties, sightseeing tours to historical and cultural places of Western Ukraine (like Zalishchyky, Chernivtsi, Kamianets – Podilskyi).
This summer we are offering three streams of educational activity: the main course Knowledge for Sustainable Development of Society; English for specific purposes; Historical and Cultural heritage of Western Ukraine. All of our courses are designed to challenge and inspire you in the field that holds your interest. This year International Summer School will be held in Separated subdivision of National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine «Zalishchyky State Agricultural College named after E. Khraplyvyi». An ancient Ukrainian resort town Zalishchyky in Ternopil region is a unique place set in a picturesque valley on the left bank of the Dniester River. Here you’ll discover the perfect environment for studying, making new friends and having fun!

Detailed information about AAELSSD

Participants: students, postgraduate students, young scientists, public and private agrarian companies

Language of instruction: English

Venue: Separated subdivision of NULES of Ukraine «Zalishchyky Agricultural College named after Ye. Khraplyvyi»

Dates: 6-16 July 2015

Key features: the International Summer School provides a special course «Knowledge for Sustainable Development of Society», participants will develop fluency in English, visit the sights of the cultural and historical heritage of Western Ukraine, establish partner contacts, exchange experience.

Summary: More and more scientists, engineers, politicians and communities face the challenge to meet the human needs and protect our planet’s life-support system both at local and global levels. There are a lot of people who think that science and technology (S & T) play a major role in ensuring sustainable development, but just a few of them carry out systematic research into establishing institutions that would effectively combine S & T to ensure the development of humankind in this direction. Our research demonstrates the efficiency of the efforts to attract S & T in terms of combining knowledge and actions in order to significantly raise the level of trust and legitimacy to the information they generate. An effective system of knowledge applied in various institutions provides such bond between science and practical actions.
Therefore, the International Summer School course «Knowledge for Sustainable Development of Society» will focus on developing the system of knowledge to combat climate change and provide sustainable development of the society.
In addition to forming a knowledge system for sustainable development, including climate change, the course participants (students, postgraduate students) will design a group project on measures to promote transition of the society to sustainable development, prevent climate change and suggest ways to implement these measures.

The purposes of the 1st International Summer School:

– to review the causes of climate change;
– to advance the role of the system of knowledge implemented by higher educational institutions in the process of transition of the society to sustainable development;
– to research and implement best practices of US universities in formation of the system of environmental competencies of future professionals in the European and Ukrainian Universities;
– to study the potential of educational institutions in developing environmental awareness of the society in respect of sustainable development;- to demonstrate global awareness of the need to protect the environment and prevent climate change.

The total number of credits — 8 ECTS

Teaching methods:
– lectures;
– seminars;
– workshops;
– group projects;

Upon completion of the course participants will receive an international certificate of participation.

Justification of the project: The 1st International Summer School will unite students and young researchers willing to avert global environmental crisis and climate change caused by human activities. In order to facilitate interaction and understanding among the participants’ classes will be conducted in English. Participants of the International Summer School are future experts in environmental and agricultural areas, and their professional activity will play a significant role in tackling the environmental problems. A small Ukrainian resort town Zalishchyky in Ternopil region has been chosen as a venue for the Summer School. It is a unique place set in a picturesque valley on the left bank of the Dniester River in southwestern Podillia.