Driven by the idea of making the educational program more practice-oriented, we have come up with a new format of the curriculum that will be used during the 1st International Summer School. In short, it will incorporate three following stages (or phases):

During the first stage participants will be familiarized with introduction of the course that will include, among others, statistical analysis, basic optimization methods, computer modeling etc.

The second stage will start with a project fair where students will join on the projects to work on till the end of the School. These projects will be based on real-life problems, proposed by representatives of cities, companies, organizations, citizens and researchers that will supervise and consult students during their work in the multidisciplinary teams. As for the courses, during this phase they are planned to be more practical and specific.

The third stage will be substantially dedicated to working on the projects. The participants will be provided with necessary tools to accomplish their projects. The project teams will present their results publicly at the end of the School.

Knowledge for Sustainable Development of Society

During the course we will examine the experiences of some foreign countries in Sustainable Development of Society. The course will provide the knowledge of human nutrition, global food production, and education system. The course will also allow students to create group projects of way to achieve the Sustainable Development of Society.
The course is focused to students, PhD students, PhD of different specializations as the issue of the quality of social development, water quality, human nutrition and environmental conservation are crucial in our day.
Students should have basic knowledge of Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

Methods of teaching:

  • Lectures;
  • Seminars;
  • Case and textbook chapter discussions;
  • Students PowerPoint presentations;
  • Guest speakers (as available).

All students are expected to participate in class discussions on real-world problems

Activities: lectures, workshops, PowerPoint presentation of group projects.

English for specific purposes

The course provides a communicative English learning experience where students can improve their language skills and fluency in English, build confidence and develop social skills. The purpose of the course relates to the belief that in today’s world of internationalization it is essential that every language learner has knowledge of the key vocabulary and language structures as well as understands the importance of regular communication practices. Such understanding should enhance the effectiveness and quality of life of every participant in their future or current role as consumer, international traveler, businessperson, or non-business professional.

Activities: discussions and varied exciting activities in an interactive setting.

Cultural Heritage of Western Ukraine

Objectives of this part of the program are: to acquaint the participants of the International Summer School with one of the most fascinating Ukrainian districts situated above the Dniester river, its rich history, unique nature and numerous cultural attractions; to demonstrate educational, recreational, and cultural facilities for extending the horizons of cognitive learning and the knowledge about the aesthetic and cultural values of citizens of Ukraine and its visitors.

Activities: guide tours, outings, excursions.